One Ingredient Socca

One Ingredient Socca

Hello and welcome and I’m happy to report that, yes! you CAN make the most amazing, crispy, golden brown, flaky, bready, versatile dipping / scooping / rolling / topping flatbread called socca with just one ingredient.

Socca is brand new to me as of a few months ago when some friends made it for us. It is kind of like a thinner, more crispy naan, or a thicker, more crispy tortilla. It’s French, I believe? It’s what I’m dipping in my chili in that first photo. Because I’m sure the French would love that?

I know the sticklers are out there, and yes, technically, it’s four ingredients. But there’s a very good chance that water, olive oil, and salt are already in your pantry, right?

So our singular ingredient focus is on this guy: CHICKPEA FLOUR.

I have been heavily influenced by my friend Melissa and her Minimalist Kitchen movement, and buying a different / new-to-me ingredient just for one recipe (like chickpea flour for socca) is not how I roll.

  • golden and crispy
  • nice and thin
  • still bready enough to not feel like a cracker
  • embarrassingly easy
  • gluten free
  • my new obsession

But I make exceptions to that new-ingredient rule. Such as:

And now, chickpea flour for socca.

Here we go. You ready?

How To Make Socca:

Whisk your (basically one) ingredients together.

Now, pour into a pan with hot oil.

You guys, I could list almost every Pinch of Yum recipe here as something that socca would go perfectly with. Soups, salads, wraps, bowls… the whole fridge, pretty much?

So far, I’ve used socca as my scooper for this ancho turkey chili, a nice little side-carb-action for these roasted veg bowls with green tahini, a salad-crisper for this avocado kale caesar, and an excellent dipper for this ridiculous tomato soup.

Or there’s always the eat-it-straight-out-of-the-hot-pan option. Golden brown flaky shards all over your shirt, that mix of crispy and bready in each bite, and melt-in-your-mouth savory flavor… hard yes.

One ingredient socca, here you come.

Check out our video for how to make One-Ingredient Socca:

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