Chipotle Tahini Bowls

Chipotle Tahini Bowls

Crisped roasted sweet potatoes, finely chopped and texturally awesome kale, creamy avocado, hearty quinoa, and a 6-minute soft boiled egg – admittedly already an exciting combo in and of itself. But you guys, THAT CHIPOTLE TAHINI. That addictingly creamy, sweet and spicy, pour-it-on-everything chipotle tahini.

That is what we really need to talk about.

These are, after all, Chipotle Tahini Bowls.

How To Make Chipotle Tahini and Be Changed Forever

Okay, first stop: olive oil, salt, tahini, garlic. Basics.

But things stop being basic when we add chipotle peppers and orange juice.

And… that’s pretty much the recipe and I’m not even joking!

These are “bowls,” which are very excellent in that you can kind of just pick your veggies, pick your protein, maybe sorta clean out the fridge (not saying, just saying), cover with a really good sauce such, and voila. BOWLS.

My favorite combo for building a good Chipotle Tahini Bowl:

  • Quinoa
  • Sweet potato (tricks in notes)
  • Kale
  • Avocado
  • Soft-boiled egg (more tricks in notes)

Just try to stop me.

You can eat it hot. You can eat it cold. You can add chicken or tofu. You can go completely vegan or gluten free.

But whatever you do, please do it with a huge spoonful of chipotle tahini on top.

So, yeah. This week is looking super healthy and mega delicious. *hair flip*

Check out our video for how to make Chipotle Tahini Bowls:

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