Healthy Carrot Muffins
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Healthy Carrot Muffins

So you feel best when you eat wholesome foods but you’re also never not craving something warm and yummy from the oven?

A) You are understood here, and B) YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

Today that warm, cozy, wholesome but also buttered-and-honeyed answer is coming in the form of pleasantly dense, lightly springy, and naturally sweet snacking carrot muffins that are flecked with tiny bits of carrots and oats – just textured enough to keep it fun, playful, and happy.

Is it an open invitation for a melty smear of butter or coconut oil with honey? Is it the perfect warm and satisfying match for your morning or afternoon coffee? Is it a day-brightener and a body-booster? It most certainly is.

How to Make Carrot Muffins*

*that are ridiculously easy, wholesome, and delicious!

Step 1: Grate your carrots.

Step 2: Put everything in the… wait for it… blender! You can make it as chunky or smooth as you want. This batch is more on the smooth side.

Step 3: Pour batter into a muffin tin. Top with walnuts or toasted coconut if you like that sorta thing.

Step 4: Butter, honey, DEVOUR.

This recipe is happily flexible with toppings and mix-ins. You can add any number of things and end up with a carrot muffin that is entirely YOU.

(Or, go a totally different direction and try our similarly wholesome and really delicious banana muffins, pumpkin muffins, zucchini muffins, and apple muffins.)

We have a favorite saying: the little things are the big things. And today a warm, buttered, honey-drizzled carrot muffin is the very important little big thing.

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