Red Curry Noodles

Red Curry Noodles

It’s got so many vegetables that it’s kind of like a salad – you know, in that noodles-stiry-fry salad type way? (How I prefer all my salads, TBH.)

But instead of a crispy fresh vibe, it’s slurpy, saucy, just the right amount of sticky, with stir fried noodles and fork-tender vegetables and happy little cubes of tofu (if you want) all bathed in a borderline aggressive amount of coconut curry flavor.

Oh, hey. Did I mention this jumps from stovetop to table in less than 30 minutes? Because easy is how I roll right now.

Here’s what we’re working with.

I almost always have all these ingredients in my pantry. I’m guessing you do, too. And if you don’t, it’s time to stockpile, Y2K style.

  • rice noodles
  • red curry paste
  • ginger and garlic
  • coconut milk
  • fresh vegetables
  • tofu – optional
  • soy sauce

Will you need to make a double batch? Will you need XL chopsticks for all the heavy noodle pulls? Will you need to memorize this recipe for those heat-of-the-moment noodle cravings?

Not to be bossy, but COME ON ALREADY! YES!

Also, fun fact, this recipe is very similar to the super popular Bangkok Noodles of 2015! Differences: this one is slightly thicker, creamier, more noodley, and easier. Which is telling for how my life has progressed since then.

Check out our video for how to make Red Curry Noodles:

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