Cashew Golden Milk Latte

Cashew Golden Milk Latte

Okay so maybe it sounds a little unusual, but please let me convince you: this cashew golden milk latte is a day-making treat.

A golden milk latte is a milky beverage that is packed with turmeric, ginger, and other spices. It is smooth and luscious and creamy, extremely fragrant, fantastically healthy, and rich and filling (thanks, cashews!). It is delicious served hot or cold, but even in the winter I am a big fan of pouring this over ice and sipping it through a cute reusable straw.

Golden milk lattes became a trend in 2016-ish and has a ton – like, really, a TON – of health benefits. You can read more about the origins and history of it here.

While you can use any kind of store-bought plant-based or regular milk to make a golden milk latte, why would you not want to make a fresh, smooth, creamy cashew milk to work all that turmeric-y goodness into? And you know how we feel about cozy cashew lattes in general.

This is my favorite way. It is really just so yummy – it can be a morning boost, a mid-day pick-me-up, or an evening wind-down treat, and every time it is so super good.

How to Make Golden Milk Lattes

Step 1: Add your cashews and water to the blender. Blitz and voilà! Cashew milk.

Step 2: Bring your spices and sweetener to the party – cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, honey – and blend again.

Step 3: Keep it in a jar in the fridge for easy pouring + golden milk happiness all week long.

It is rich in flavor, texture, and good-for-the-body ingredients. It tastes like a dream come true. Cashew Golden Milk Lattes, man. This is where it’s at.

NOTE: Because the base of this is a homemade blended nut milk, there will be separation. That is normal and natural! Nothing is wrong with it, just give it a shake to re-incorporate.

Check out our video for how to make a Golden Milk Latte:

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