Roasted Cauliflower Hummus Bowls

Roasted Cauliflower Hummus Bowls

Roasted Cauliflower Hummus Bowls

Hold on just a second. This is a bowl of mega GOODNESS and we need to break it down.

Starting on the bottom in a dramatic swirl, we have the extremely creamy, garlicky hummus that you made, piled high with roasted cauliflower spiced with paprika and cumin and oregano, a speckling of fresh juicy tomatoes and parsley, a generous shower of olive oil, salt, black pepper, and lemon juice. You can 100% stop there, or you can be extra (#teamextra) and add some hot pulled rotisserie chicken or a beautifully soft boiled egg. Scoop that entire thing up with a warm, super-soft pita and the day just got so much better.

How To Make Hummus Bowls Happen

Step 1: Toss your cauliflower with a bit of oil and spices and get things roasting.

Step 2: Remove the little shell of skin on the chickpeas and blend the peeled beans in the food processor with your oil, water, garlic, salt, and lemon juice. We’re not usually about the high maintenance food life over here, but TRUST. You’ll end up with the smoothest, silkiest hummus of your dreams.

Step 3: Spread your hummus in a swirly pattern. Top with cauliflower, tomatoes, fresh parsley, and (our personal fav!) a soft boiled egg. Serve with warm pita and repeat ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT.

These hummus bowls are:

  • extremely comforting
  • awake with flavor
  • satisfying and super-filling
  • creamy
  • colorful
  • nutritious

You Do You, Friend

Obviously you can make this your own by adding what you love or subtracting what you don’t – we welcome your personal chef’s touches and definitely want to hear about them in the comments.

Different proteins, veggies, toppings, herbs? The combo possibilities are endless.

And while we wait, our team will just be over here with our spoons and scoopy pitas very involved in these veg-loaded, salty and lemon-juicy, awesomely yummy hummus bowls.

Other Yummy Recipes with Hummus

Check out our video for how to make Hummus Bowls:

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