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Event Calendar for WordPress termed as EventON is an amazing event calendar that presents events in a minimal and clutter-free design. It is enhanced with 200+ useful features including highly customizable repeating events, multiple event images and different advanced options including multi data types.

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Event Calendar for WordPress termed as EventON is an amazing event calendar that presents events in a minimal and clutter-free design. It is enhanced with 200+ useful features including highly customizable repeating events, multiple event images and different advanced options including multi data types.


= 2.8.6 (2020-3-9) =
ADDED: Option to select to use organizer data as performer schema data as well
ADDED: single event page template to be able to pass lang value via code
FIXED: additional functionality box id duplication
FIXED: added missing reply-to implementation in evo helper send mail function
FIXED: invalid taxonomy translations string in code
FIXED: tax name not translatable for list selection in backend
FIXED: events processed list not getting reset in event generation function
FIXED: search not processing the language value
FIXED: Event count value not working for basic event list with multiple months
FIXED: shortcode generator yes no buttons not working in gutenberg
FIXED: wp-admin month filter to show 24 months instead of 12
FIXED: past_event class name incorrectly assign to all events
FIXED: taxonomy archive pages not convertable to different languages using lang
FIXED: event card open on default not loading maps
FIXED: lightbox event map not loading when multiple calendars in page
FIXED: map option values not reflecting on calendar
FIXED: ajax to not run eventon_init_load when there are no calendars on page
FIXED: event type archive page not passing language correctly
FIXED: for RTL month moving around when switching months
UPDATED: map loading function rebuild using new function method
UPDATED: time out between each calendar loading events via ajax when multiple cals in page
UPDATED: Event tiles styles and layout design
UPDATED: to font awesome 5.12.1 library
UPDATED: license verification to use new envato API

= 2.8.5 (2020-1-14) =
FIXED: event type color not passing to get_tax_ids()
FIXED: Repeat interval custom not saving date correct
FIXED: event location names list getting cut off in the shortcode generator
FIXED: single event box show_exp_evc=yes not working when linking to external url
FIXED: wp-admin javascript text string translations

= 2.8.4 (2019-12-12) =
ADDED: ux_val=4a to open event as single event page in new window
FIXED: empty schema organizer undefined error
FIXED: schema description, name show multiple times in abbreviated versions
FIXED: schema organizer to have organization property instead of person
FIXED: event card open on default not loading google map
FIXED: language not passing to new months
FIXED: Calendar shell to set fixed_day if shortcode values empty line:197
FIXED: by default save lang corresponding value when saving events
FIXED: Date picker not saving time correctly for events
FIXED: Events lists to use new date object instead of using calendar date object

= 2.8.3 (2019-11-28) =
FIXED: search all not sending results for some websites
FIXED: Map zoom level not processed on new months
FIXED: filter button to hide when no filters are selected in settings
FIXED: wp-admin filter events by past current error on missing value
FIXED: Repeating events not appearing in events lists
FIXED: Schema showing description as html

= 2.8.2 (2019-11-26) =
ADDED: wp-admin filter events by event month
ADDED: Remove wp-admin all events default WP month filter
FIXED: search box not showing results
FIXED: Event descriptions escape quotations on frontend
FIXED: disable schema on site causing code errors
FIXED: Other schema related issues with google structured data tester
FIXED: latlng only locations map not showing without address
FIXED: Quick edit end time not showing
FIXED: Repeat interval not linking right for 1st instance
FIXED: 1st of future repeat intervals not showing on eventcard
FIXED: evc_open shortcode not effecting on addons
FIXED: license activation on remote server PHP version code error
FIXED: Sunday translations not passing through to init data
FIXED: Removing input field value from shortcode generator to remove shortcode value
FIXED: search all not searching past events

= 2.8.1 (2019-11-19) =
FIXED: Widget social share icons
FIXED: user interaction open in external url not working
FIXED: ICS download all events to only include future events
FIXED: Related events remove button not working
FIXED: Google map not loading on new loaded months
FIXED: Search box results not working
FIXED: Widget upcoming events not working
FIXED: Location address not showing in the eventtop
FIXED: Event type color override to pass into events data object
FIXED: Events list multiple months cut off time errors
UPDATED: Shortcode generator to use custom wpdb queries instead of wp_query

= 2.8 (2019-11-12) =
ADDED: pluggable filter to change the eventtop below title date time format
ADDED: SEO json schema pluggable function eventon_event_json_schema_adds
ADDED: AJAX based event loading to hide show more events button when at end
ADDED: Show more events in calendar to change to loading view during ajax
ADDED: option to set 1 letter week day names in eventon > language
ADDED: Related events for each event
ADDED: ability to show only set event filter values in filter drop down SC:filter_show_set_only
ADDED: past and future filtering via shortcode SC:event_past_future
ADDED: Shortcode based event filter relationship method SC:filter_relationship
ADDED: Basic events list to support event filtering for more than one month
ADDED: Ability to export eventon language as just text strings for easy translation
ADDED: Option in location term edit to use latlng for get directions location
ADDED: Event filter terms to have proper html class names
ADDED: Shortcode generator to be able to select event type filter values easily
ADDED: shortcode option to disable initial calendar loading via ajax using cal_init_nonajax=’yes’
FIXED: JSON schema data error
FIXED: cron process events marking them as completed code error
FIXED: hide multiple occurance effecting multiple calendars on same page
FIXED: Cal_id variable passed with space to be escaped with dash
FIXED: get_next_current_repeat() not returning correct repeat data
FIXED: get_all_event_data() function meta field incorrect value
FIXED: yes no field passed value to be formatted to lower case
FIXED: Social share links on https
FIXED: Filter values not working correctly with multiple filters
FIXED: Correct event URL passing with lang variations in the url from EVO_Event()->get_permalink
FIXED: additional images box showing on other posts as well
FIXED: Custom date format to reflect on event edit date selection
FIXED: event location and organizer add new term text strings
FIXED: Widget check box clicking not enabling save button
FIXED: Shortcode generator changes not applying to shortcode in real time
UPDATED: Using PHP datetime function and moment.js for time calculations
UPDATED: pluggable filter eventon_evt_fe_time to support extra values for event time
UPDATED: Styles for the calendar elements and on frontend
UPDATED: calendar event filtering mechanism and loading shortcodes to calendar
UPDATED: Bubble events calendar hover animation


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