How to launch News Website- 7 easy steps

Do you wish to launch news website of your own?

The technology is growing at a super speed, and the share of online news readers is tremendously increasing day by day. The internet has made a world of online information available at fingertips, and hence most of the news industries are going online.

A robust online presence for newspapers and magazines is essential today, and hence comes the importance of the development of online news portal services and e-papers.

So if you are looking forward to connecting with the audiences online with your news portal, we will give you some insight. 

You don’t have to worry if you are not as tech-savvy as you can still pull it off with the right tools. Launching websites is more manageable than before as the publishing tools today have gotten more comfortable to use.

In this article, we will take you through the 7 easy steps on how to launch an ideal news website of your own. Check out!

Step 1: Create a plan.

Just like any business, everything starts with a great idea and a good plan to execute. So, before the launch of any news website, you need a plan.

It would be best if you decided what is the purpose of your publication, whether it is to serve local news or inform the community about worldwide happenings. 

There are different type of news niche such as online newspaper portals which have a print version. Usually, the online website has the same content online as in the physical print version.

Next comes the local niche. If you are a beginner, it is the best idea to start with a local news niche. You can start with small financial capital. 

So, the local niche is my suggestion, if you wish to start small without spending a lot.

In the international niche, you can depend on online sources, media outlets for news. You do not need a physical newspaper print version.

If you are thinking big, you must remember that you will also need to invest big. You must invest money to hire writers, get expensive stand-alone server and do a lot of spending to maintain the standards.

You must also decide on the logo and a unique name if you wish to start your portal. 

Once you have nailed down all the above said operations, next, you must lay down plans on how to catch the attention of the audience and create brand awareness. It would help if you also planned for your revenue strategies such as producing sponsored content, charging for subscriptions or selling advertising.

Step 2: Get your domain name.

After you are done with all the planning and decided your logo and name, next comes the step of buying your online identity, aka domain name for your online news service. You can buy a domain name from several domain providers available online.

It would help if you tried to choose a name that is short and easy to remember. The most crucial part is that the domain name must resonate with your brand name. So once you get the perfect name of your choice, buy one. 

Step 3: Select a platform.

So, now you have a solid plan and a domain name to launch your news website. Next, you need a perfect publishing platform. If you aren’t very technically bright, we recommend you choose WordPress. 

WordPress is the most powerful content management that powers more than over 455 million websites on internet.

Over 20% of all self-hosted websites are currently using WordPress. WordPress is the popular choice of bloggers as well as international media outlets. WordPress platform is low cost and easy-to-use.

A good publishing platform must offer customizable designs, responsive sites, high security, and is SEO friendly. You can choose a WordPress newspaper WordPress theme to customize your WordPress website to suit your needs.

Step 4: Install the News Times WordPress theme.

To make your online news website look eye-catching, you need a WordPress news theme that excels with outstanding designs and impressive looks. News-Times WordPress news theme is an attractively designed and ultra-responsive pixel-perfect WordPress News theme. News WordPress themes offer a readymade standard news layout. You can check out the demos that are easy to import in a click. It also provides several fonts, colour and various options to customize your news website.

We recommend premium themes over free WordPress themes if you are serious about building your brand and strengthening your online presence. Premium themes like the News Times WordPress news theme have several advantages. It is a well-coded, fast, responsive theme backed by a support team to fix any troubles. The theme is regularly updated for fixing any bugs and improved continuously.

Step 5: Choose the best plugins.

Since you are choosing the WordPress platform to, you can quickly expand the functionality of your WordPress website using any WordPress plugins of your choice. 

A plugin can introduce new features by simply adding on without even developing the features from scratch. For example, a publisher might use the Drop Cap, or Team Member block offered by the Guteblock plugin. The plugin is Gutenberg-ready and also compatible with the News Times WordPress news theme.

If you need to start selling physical and digital goods, you can install a WooCommerce plugin. To have better rankings and better SEO, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin. Google Analytics plugin is another popular plugin among online publishers is the.

You can also check out the comprehensive list of best WordPress plugins for news websites and learn more about how plugins can help to improve the functionality.

Step 6: Create reliable, valuable content.

Once you a website setup, it’s time to get going and start creating content. You must create genuine content. 

To grab the user attention, write articles, take photographs, and put together exciting videos or infographics. You must take extra effort to keep your readers engaged and excited about your publication.

Always remember that you should never copy news or any content from other websites. You must also avoid any false content and double-check the credibility of content before giving it out as news. It would help if you also chose a user-friendly and straightforward layout for your website. Make sure that you come up with quality articles with captivating headlines.

You can also hire experienced writers and editors for help. This will be useful as professional writers can plan out headlines with SEO in mind and provide useful content that will drive traffic and boost readership.

Step 7: Promote your news portal.

Everything today exists with promotion. Only vigorous promotional strategies can help you reach the target audience. So, after the launch of your news website, you must promote it.

Social media is the best promotional tool you can use for your newly built news portal. Whenever you publish new content, please share it on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., to boost traffic to your sites.

Over to You!

To launch an online news website is really easy and extremely effective process with WordPress. You just need the right tools such as perfect WordPress news themes and ideal WordPress plugins to make your site prominent.

So what do you think about our article on starting a newspaper online? We hope our step by step guide on how to create a news website of your own serve useful. If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. 

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